” How your story sets you free” by Pernille Elvirose

Understand your story backwards - walk on and step out - which has become my foundation and philosophy today in my work processes, and one of the topics in my “Talks”.


At my audition I met the then artistic director Hans Brenaa. He spotted me in my gymnastics shoes - making me unable to move freely - my short hair and a blue gymnastics suit - this outfit being the only one amongst several hundreds.

One of the most important moments - which if anything is definite transparency and a sense of nakedness - which I could carry somehow.

That very moment became like ‘executive coaching’ - through Brenaa, who kept eye contact with me throughout the audition - as to ensure to get me through.

He saw something - that I had something that had not yet been nursed and developed - as I came without any prior skills.

From this I have learned and taken it with me, and today it is what interests me the most - to not focus on “the immediate” - but to see how people express themselves when I work with them in different dimensions - and how to bring this out.

Brenaa saw this in me. The hidden expression - an expression that had been held back or stalled.


For me it is important to draw attention to me being accepted into the Royal Danish Ballet, but I did not know at that time, that it was my perfect place.

I did not know, what I had said yes to. This reflects the person I am today - my courage to be bold and brave - my special spirituality.

Everything - both the small and big things - we simply cannot see and express.


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