A method developed by Pernille Elvirose over the last 20 years to create a unique personal development course for mental health and balance.  Each course is tailormade.

If we look at how you spend your time, what would you say the focus of your life is? You get time and room for and by yourself. Talking about your life is one thing,  but telling the story of WHY you live and do as you do, opens you up to such a deeper level of connection and consciousness.


It is a commitment and a gentle confrontation. You will build a relationship between your inner truth and your being. Talking about your work is one thing, but telling the story of WHY opens you up to such a deeper level of connection and understanding.

One on one takes place both abroad and at home in the very special perfect surroundings and settings that suit the individual.  One on one is a floating platform that makes it special and with a signature uniqueness.


We walk out together to come home. It offers the gift of being seen.


Our concept is about presence, contact and relationships. Therefore our goal is to have contact of a more personal nature, so the only thing we will ask you to do, is to write or call us

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