Going away can be the first step towards coming home…

For several years both in Deia and in her native Denmark, Pernille and Signature Retreats are welcoming quietude into presence. The root of Nordic power in the form of light, air and water brings these elements to her programs.

She has developed a form of exercise that strengthens and softens the body and mind; the breath is the focus; the goal is more peace and countless benefits.


Her uniquely crafted retreats include mindful hiking in silence in the surrounding mountains - conscious breathing, deep stretching and qi-gong movements, quietude writing processes, and deliciously fresh, light-infused food from local suppliers.


The gifts of healing through quiet being in nature. After a week immersed in the beauty of Deia Retreat with Pernille you will come away with a renewed sense of being - feeling your true authenticity.


By conscious presence there is a natural contact with the body, where breathing is used to hold thoughts and feelings in the present moment.

To have meaningful connection with the outside world, we must first be in contact with our own inner being. This state of “being” opens us up to a quality of life with mental and emotional peacefulness, enabling us to consciously make positive choices. 

Body exercises that put the body in motion, are based on knowledge of how to effectively become centered in the body, loosening up its voltage conditions and evoking conviviality. These exercises create a deep grounding and an important flow, that develops our ability to be present in the now. When you sharpen your awareness of the present moment and give your full attention in relation to your surroundings – you hereby remove thoughts of past and future.


Back to nature in a natural way!  During the daytime we are 'offline', turning our backs to the busy world and looking through the natural beauty into ourselves.


Located in Nestled in the Tramuntana Mountains with magical views of olive and lemon trees, the retreat takes place in the artist colony village of Deia, Mallorca, Spain.


We bathe in the most beautiful bay with crystal clear water only a 20-minute walk from the house - the most beautiful little trip among the goats in the mountains!


Deia was home to Robert Graves and has inspired many other great writers, painters and musicians.


Our Accommodations in Deia. Beautiful fully refurbished, these private old villas in the heart of Deia offer a haven for peace and tranquility with stunning views.

The strength of silence in the Tramuntana mountains


We partner with Zen Luxury Travel, which is responsible for the organization of the trip. Which means that the travel is covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund.

Deia - the pearl of the Tramuntana Mountains


Meditative journey into music sound and movement

The workshop is created and organized by Pernille Elvirose

A fusion between - Pernille Elvirose, Nikolaj Hess and Zimon August.

The theater island and the white annex on Refshaleøen form the framework for this unique workshop

Welcome to a mindfull and sensuous me- ditative journey into music sound and mo- vement. Intuitive improvising moments of music and sound, the movement in silence, the movement of the body ́s intuitive physical expression and language.

Healing through sound waves and resonance. Qig- ong as the path to rock-solid energy, flow in body and mind.

Welcome to a mindful and not least sensu- ous meditative journey into music sound and movement. Intuitive improvising moments of music and sound, the movement in silence, the movement of the body’s intuitive physical expression and language. Healing through sound waves and resonance. Qigong movement meditation a path to rock-solid energy flow in body and mind.

Dream workshop where all three of us will be present during the entire workshop. A work- shop where Nikolaj Hess quests every day at certain times and Zimon August guests on Sunday at 13.30-15.30pm and Pernille Elvirose will teach and lead the workshop every day.

Nikolaj Hess Pernille Elvirose and Zimon August - flowing fusion. Sound music movement flow qigong, meditative writing moments of calm and contemplation. Zimon August will present his method where sound and waves create healing and resonance. Feng shui sound healing lying meditative / healing at the end of the day on Sunday.


I recommend and hope that you will read what we each stand for, to gain a greater understanding of the workshop.


10:00am - 17:00p

A fusion throughout the day by Live Nikolaj Hess and Pernille Elvirose, sound music movement flow qigong, meditative writing moments of calm and contemplation.

FRIDAY D. 20.11

17:00pm - 20:00pm

Presentation of the workshop and presentation of each of us. Presentation of the content and purpose for the coming days. The evening will be a fusion and flow where we together and each will introduce our program.

Improvisation live. Nikolaj Hess lying / sitting meditative. Movement / flow for specially selected sound and music. Pernille Elvirose. Concluding sound wave meditation lying. Zimon August.

SUNDAY D. 22.11

10:00am - 17:00pm

Closing session with the possibility of questions with calm music goodbye and thank you!


Date: 20-22. of November 2020

Location: Teaterøen Refshaleøen, William Wains Gade 11 ”The white annex” 1432 Copenhagen

Arrival: Novenber 20 th at 17:00 & Departure: On 22 at 17:00

Price: 3.500,- kr.

Lunch soup Saturday and Sunday, as well as snacks tea and coffee every day at the workshop is included in the price. Accommodation and transport: You must ar- 20. range that yourself. We will be happy to help and recommend and find accommodation if you would need that.

Our concept is about presence, contact and relationships. Therefore our goal is to have contact of a more personal nature, so the only thing we will ask you to do, is to write or call us

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